The Big Charity Whip Round

So, what is it?

  1. It’s a fundraising solution for companies looking to raise more funds for any charitable causes that they support centrally as a business. It can be run alongside other workplace fundraising schemes such as Payroll Giving and is a fantastic addition to any CSR strategy.
  2. It’s a way of employees fundraising in the workplace which doesn’t involve any baking, baths of beans, hiking up mountains or donating significant sums of money.
  3. It’s a tax effective source of income for charities which can either be used as a strategic part of a corporate partnership, or just something that a company does for you just because they think you’re great. Oh, did we mention you’ll get Gift Aid on top (although you won’t have to lift a finger to get it – that’ll all be done for you)

Overall: It’s a simple and easy way to give tax-effectively to the good causes!

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And how does it work…?

  • Great for demonstrating your CSR credentials
  • Helps build morale and boost staff engagement
  • Opportunity to match your employees’ donations
  • Simple to set up and simple for employees to join
  • Low cost addition to your CSR or benefits package
  • Easy way to raise money for the causes your company cares about

It is powered by two separate organisations working hand in hand; The Payroll Giving Team and Charitable Giving.

It’s quick and easy to set up. Just confirm your company’s payroll software can round off the pennies from someone’s net-pay, then complete the set-up form.

After that it’s all about getting people giving; The Payroll Giving Team will supply all the tools and resources needed to achieve this!

At the end of each month the donated pennies get passed to Charitable Giving as a lump sum; they will claim Gift Aid on it* and once £50 or more has been donated, you tell them which charity to give what  amount to.

*T’s & C’s applicable and outlined in full in the ‘Employer Pack’ which can be obtained by emailing

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If your company isn’t yet a member of The Big Charity Whip Round, we can talk to them about the benefits of signing up.

It’s so easy for your employer to set up, and by putting us in touch you’ll be helping out your colleagues too to make a world of difference.

Please send us contact details for your Payroll, HR, Rewards & Benefits or CSR Manager, and we’ll do the rest. And don’t worry we won’t mention your name without your permission.

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