The Big Charity Whip Round

What is it?

  • Not all employees want to do a sponsored climb/hike/trek/jump…
  • And not every employee has the spare time to volunteer for charity work…
  • But most would be happy to spare a few pence a month to help a good cause!

That’s what The Big Charity Whip Round – is all about.

It rounds down any participating employee’s net pay to the nearest pound, and the remaining pennies are donated direct to charity.

So if the payslip says £965.23, it’s rounded down to £965, and the 23p is donated to your chosen good cause.

No employee will ever donate more than 99p per pay day, but together we can turn pennies into pounds and make a world of difference.

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Why join The Big Charity Whip Round?

  • Great for demonstrating your CSR credentials
  • Helps build morale and boost staff engagement
  • High employee participation rates
  • Opportunity to match your employees’ donations
  • Simple to set up and simple for employees to join
  • Low cost addition to your CSR or benefits package

Help your employees come together to do something amazing!

The Big Charity Whip Round demonstrates your engagement with the wider community, and it allows your employees to join with their colleagues to give a little back together.

Unlike other pennies schemes, we don’t take a cut from your employees’ donations, so every penny goes to where it’s most needed. Your employees can collectively nominate a charity at the start of the scheme, or it could be your corporate charity – it’s up to you.

The charity will also be able to claim gift aid on the donations, making every £1 worth 25% more. We’ll even advise the charity on the best way to manage this.

To take part, there’s a one-off set up fee £99.99 and then a monthly admin fee ranging from £4.99 – £14.99, depending on the size of your workforce.

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Nominate your employer to join The Big Charity Whip Round

If your company isn’t yet a member of The Big Charity Whip Round, we can talk to them about the benefits of signing up.

It’s so easy for your employer to set up, and by putting us in touch you’ll be helping out your colleagues too to make a world of difference.

Please send us contact details for your Payroll, HR, Rewards & Benefits or CSR Manager, and we’ll do the rest. And don’t worry we won’t mention your name without your permission.

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